Our Village

Metropolitan Phoenix is well known for its sunshine, its leisure activities, and its bustling economy. And it's a wonderful place to live. But many of our children and families are suffering and are unable to take advantage of what Phoenix has to offer. Although hundreds of local nonprofit organizations and thousands of volunteers are doing great work, the needs of these children and families are growing faster than our capacity to help them.

Our community's most serious social problems include hunger, homelessness, drug addiction, unemployment, and loss of hope. These conditions lead to personal despair, broken families, domestic violence, child abuse, poor school performance, and too many children in foster care.

Federal and state governments have tried to address these problems for over 50 years, but they have failed, as these problems have gotten worse in recent years. It is time for the private and nonprofit sectors to step up. T.W. Lewis Foundation believes that strong individuals and strong families are the bedrock of our society, and that every child has the right to realize their God-given potential. For these reasons, T.W. Lewis Foundation is committed to supporting individuals and families so that they can become the best they can be.

The non-profit organizations we support are among the most effective at serving children and families in need. Please contact them directly to volunteer or make a much needed donation.

We Support the Following Organizations

Arizona Friends of Foster Children Foundation Arizona Helping HandsFresh Start Women's FoundationPhoenix Rescue MissionSt. Vincent De Paul