Education is not the filling of a bucket, but the lighting of a fire.


Since 2002, T.W. Lewis Foundation has provided over 200 scholarships to attend some of the finest universities in America, including, ASU, University of Arizona, University of Kentucky, University of North Carolina and many others. We have done this because we believe in young people, the value of education, and we want to help our future leaders reach their potential.

The college years are especially formative and can impact a student's life and career in powerful ways. These years mark the beginning of each student's unique journey of discovery as they begin to learn more about themselves and the role they can play in the world. It is also a time of growth, hope and optimism when advisors and role models can make a big difference.

Our university programs are all designed to better prepare young leaders and entrepreneurs for the challenges and opportunities of life, as we encourage exposure to a diverse range of intellectual ideas with emphasis on individual self-awareness, real world skill development and strength-based career planning. We believe that these programs will help our students reach their potential, and lead lives of success, meaning and purpose.

Universities We Support

Barrett, The Honors College at Arizona State UniversityLewis Honors College, University of KentuckyUniversity of North Carolina at Chapel Hill