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T.W. Lewis - Quality since 1991

Since 1991, T.W. Lewis has always been an investor. Initially, we invested in our homebuilding business. As T.W. Lewis Company grew, we re-invested in our people and our systems, and then we began investing in land.

In 2012 when we sold the homebuilding business to David Weekley Homes, we began to look for other outside investments as a core part of our family office strategy.

When making each of our investments, our primary criteria are the partner and the asset's quality. We rely heavily on our partners' integrity and experience and still use the same standards that we used as a homebuilder. Our emphasis is on quality, mutual success, and long-term relationships.

We will consider a wide array of real estate investments, including land, multi-family, and secured debt, as well as operating companies, and other equity investments based on the following criteria:

We look for integrity, experience and a proven track record.

  • Seasoned Fiduciary
  • Best-in-class operator
  • National and Local Expertise

High quality, well located, Class A real estate.

  • Multi-Family Apartment
  • Operating Companies
  • Land Banking

We expect returns to reflect the risks involved.

  • Preferred Return
  • Equity and Debt based investment
  • 3-7-year investment timeline

Over the years we have invested with several quality partners throughout the United States. Below are our top investment partners, past and current:

Apex One Investment Partner
Alliance Residential Company
Communities Southwest
David Weekly Homes
Marble Capital
PB Bell
Pinewell Capital
Westwood Residential

If you have an investment you would like for us to consider, please contact:

Alan Peril

Alan Peril – Chief Financial Officer

480-768-4959 (office) or email:

The team at TW Lewis is unparalleled in their commitment to the partnership and the project. From day one of our partnership, we have worked as a team; unbiased in any regard except to drive the best results for our residents and investors. The TW Lewis team brings a broad spectrum of experience and relationships to the partnership with one goal in mind....exceed expectations. They never fail to deliver.

I started working with T.W. Lewis in 1991. Since inception, T.W. Lewis has always had a strong commitment towards excellence, a great attention to detail, and truly treats its partners with respect. They are a high integrity organization that seeks best-in-class partners.

T.W. Lewis' attention to details and their total commitment to the PB Bell team gave us a significant advantage in securing a complex project. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous partnership.

T.W. Lewis' understanding of community development, attention to detail and unwavering professionalism is second to none. They have always gone above and beyond to make sure we get to the finish line.

Tom Lewis is one of the most honest, credible, understanding gentleman that I have ever had the pleasure of getting to work for and with. The one man that always did what he said he would do and truly wanted to do the best job possible for his customers. I am blessed to know him.

The professionals from T.W. Lewis have always been a pleasure to work with. Their deep understanding of the community development process, the important details that make a difference, and the end consumer is very apparent.

Rarely have I had the pleasure of working with a group so engaged and quick to respond. The experience and expertise of Anamorphics was welcome and decisions were made in a timely manner. T.W. Lewis worked really well with our firm in building a product we are very proud of!