Guidance Outside the Classroom

Our community is home to many healthy churches and places of worship and has an abundance of activities for our youth. But Phoenix is not immune to the creeping secular trend that has led to a nationwide decline in organized religion and church attendance. This secular trend has had serious consequences, including a lack of traditional Judeo-Christian moral training and character development. The absence of learning about absolute truths has further led to an epidemic of loneliness, anxiety, and depression among our youth.

Because personal character is a requirement for leading a successful and happy life, T.W. Lewis Foundation strives to provide our youth with character-building education outside the classroom. We seek to cultivate honest, hard-working, young adults who will become the cornerstones of tomorrow's healthy families and strong communities. We want our youth to ask the question. "What kind of person do I want to become?" rather than focusing only on "What do I want to do when I grow up?"

The organizations we support help young people learn the important life lessons that are not taught in the classroom and are grounded in Judeo-Christian values. They are imparted in various settings, from youth sports and summer camp to Bible studies and civic education opportunities. The young men and women who participate in these activities will develop a better understanding of their moral and civic responsibilities. And they will become the good parents, neighbors, and citizens of tomorrow.

The non-profit organizations we support are among the most effective at personal character development. Please contact them directly to volunteer or make a much needed donation.

We Support the Following Organizations

Gilbert Christian SchoolsNorthwest Christian SchoolScottsdale Christian AcademyValley Christian SchoolsChristian Student FellowshipFoundation for Economic EducationDream City ChurchYoung America's FoundationYoung Life