Our Country

America was founded on the values of freedom, faith, and family. These are written into our DNA and into our founding documents, and we as Americans have taken great pride in our country. America is exceptional because it was founded on the principles of freedom, limited government, separation of powers, and a respect for each individual and their inalienable God-given rights.

But, as the great American experiment in democracy approaches its 250th anniversary, we have seen a dramatic decline in the understanding of the principles embedded in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, and even the Bible. We have also seen an erosion in the general understanding of our free enterprise system. As a result of this decline, we are experiencing:

• Less civility and virtue in our society
• Less active citizenship and patriotism
• Overreach and ineffectiveness of our Federal government
• Attacks on many of our freedoms

These developments threaten the health and future of our beloved country as they feed the bitterness and rancor that are impacting our political and popular culture. Because we want to see the American people and the American system flourish, T.W. Lewis Foundation is committed to supporting and defending America's founding principles.

We encourage you to support these organizations in promoting and defending America's founding principles.

We Support the Following Organizations

American Legislative Exchange CouncilAlliance Defending FreedomConservative Partnership InstituteAmerica First Policy InstituteState Policy NetworkThe Heritage FoundationMuseum of the BiblePragerU