Phoenix Rescue Mission


A leading provider of Christ-centered life transforming solutions to persons facing hunger, homelessness, addiction, and trauma.


What We Do

Transformations is our total person recovery program for homeless, or near homeless men, women and women with children. It offers a blend of discipleship, recovery services, group therapy, and vocational and educational services. We house men, women and children, whether battling addiction, escaping domestic violence, or suffering trauma.

Not everyone who comes to our doors is looking for a long-term recovery program. Some people simply need a job, an income, or a temporary place to stay while they arrange housing. Robert lost his job on a technicality and found himself suddenly homeless. He came to the Mission for shelter, but found our Solutions program and changed the direction of his future.

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

T.W. Lewis Foundation is proud to support the Phoenix Rescue Mission by providing a challenge grant to help fund their recovery programs for men and women. The Phoenix Rescue Mission's Recovery programs help people overcome their homelessness, addictions, and trauma to become joy-filled, Christ-centered, servant leaders who live and work in our community. T.W. Lewis Foundation is excited to partner with The Phoenix Rescue Mission to help people with their new beginnings.

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"Ultimately, the biggest blessing I've received from God is the heart change, I just to want to serve Him and others. My life is 180 degrees from where it used to be. God has delivered me and He used Phoenix Rescue Mission as the vessel to do that."

"It's changed my life! I was able to work through the trauma from my childhood. Phoenix Rescue Mission helped me get my kids back. They advocated in court for me and wrote letters. It took a year, but I finally got them back!"