Witnessing History Education Foundation


"Educating Americans to understand the history of their country, and of other countries, so that they will appreciate and value America's heritage."


What We Do

All Americans, particularly students and teachers, should be introduced to, and well-versed in, American history in order to appreciate and value America's heritage. Witnessing History Education Foundation (WHEF) is an award winning production company that creates high quality historical films and teacher guides tailored for every grade level (including high school AP courses). These films and teacher guides are absolutely free and may be downloaded from PBS Learning Media or directly from WHEF.

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

T.W. Lewis Foundation is supporting the Witnessing History Education Foundation's new documentary films titled "The Pageant of America Series". With this support (combined with the support of other likeminded individuals and organizations), American history can be brought to life in an accurate and authentic manner to be experienced by Americans now and for generations to come.


"I feel this new series on American history will provide inspiration and education for a new generation of Americans and remind us all of the captivating stories that are part of our national DNA. A television project that covers our early colonial beginnings and on up through the Civil War will be quite useful, for those watching at home and also in the classroom.

Kent Masterson Brown continues to create important work that highlights key moments in our history. The ability to provide thought provoking programming that could serve as a springboard for discussion is something Kentucky Educational Television strives for across the board with our programming strategy and Kent continues to help us serve this mission well."

~ Craig Cornwell, Kentucky Educational Television