The Sandra Day O'Connor Institute


Founded in 2009 by retired Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor, the O'Connor Institute, a nonpartisan, nonprofit 501(c)(3), continues her distinguished legacy and lifetime work to advance civics education, civic engagement and civil discourse.


What We Do

Our educational programs, including our online platform, offers "Civics For Life" for all generations, from middle schoolers to grandparents.

  • We host Camp O'Connor, a free, merit-based summer program for middle school students designed to educate, encourage and inspire the next generation of leaders. Participants learn about the different branches of government and the duties and responsibilities of citizenship.
  • The online Camp O'Connor Civics Challenge encourages 6th-9th grade students to learn about civics topics that cover all branches of the government as well as their rights and responsibilities as citizens, then share what they've learned with others through their video creations.
  • The Constitution Series: Equality and Justice For All - are free, livestreamed public forums. With core values of inclusivity, civility and collaboration, we believe that the expressed ideals of this great nation require exploring issues of injustice and hope to broaden perspectives and increase understanding through thoughtful listening, mutual respect and shared purpose.
  • Lab 102: Named for the 102nd U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Sandra Day O'Connor, this innovative civic engagement program engages young adults through a variety of civics-based podcasts, interactive events and online civics education modules.
  • O'Connor U Ambassadors are high school students who set examples for others and encourage those around them to be active participants in our democracy through increased civic engagement. Scholarships are presented to outstanding Junior and Senior O'Connor U Ambassadors.
  • The Sandra Day O'Connor Digital Library and Resource Center is the world's largest and most comprehensive online archive of Sandra Day O'Connor, providing an important resource for students, members of the legal community and the general public.
  • Issues & Answers Forums present information on important, timely issues and topics featuring credentialed panelists, offering fact-based information in an environment of respect and reasoned, civil discussion.
  • The Distinguished Speakers Series presents national and global leaders who have fostered statesmanship in their storied careers. Past speakers have included Nobel Peace Prize recipients, Pulitzer-Prize winning authors and heads of state.
  • The Sandra Day O'Connor Scholarship benefits gifted law scholarship students at the Sandra Day O'Connor College of Law at Arizona State University.

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

The support of the T.W. Lewis Foundation allows The Sandra Day O'Connor Institute to impact society through their "Civics For Life" educational programs for all generations.

We support their nonpartisan effort to continue in perpetuity Sandra Day O'Connor's important work to advance our democracy, inspired by her leadership, intellect and vision.

CLICK HERE to donate to their Civics For Life Program.


"I would like to thank you all from the very bottom of our hearts! I was extremely impressed with this program and hope to bring components of camp to my school. YES, our students need civics education, and YES it can be incredibly fun!

I can see that my daughter has matured and seriously considers citizenship, politics, activism, etc. as civic duties."

D.C., Camp O'Connor Parent, Chino Valley, AZ