Indigo Impact Initiative


Indigo inspires meaningful learning through self-awareness.


Helping Students Explore and See Opportunities

The Indigo Impact Initiative is a learner-centered self-awareness program that enables students to embark on meaningful life paths. The Indigo Impact Initiative uses the Indigo Assessment as the baseline instrument for the self-awareness program. The Indigo Assessment is composed of numerous existing executive business assessment tools along with exclusive Indigo developed tools which are combined and directed towards students to help reveal the pros and cons of the student's own individual traits.

The Indigo Impact Initiative is proud to introduce the T.W. Lewis Self-Awareness and Career Readiness Course. The easy-to-take online class is designed with the college freshman in mind to help young adults chart their futures based on their own natural skills and helps students:

  • Understand and develop job-ready skills
  • Discover their own natural skills and interests
  • Gain self-awareness, preparation and career readiness
  • Optimize a strength-based approach to job and career fulfillment
  • Gain the information they need to make great decisions about their future
The Indigo Assessment is the baseline document for T.W. Lewis Self-Awareness and Career Readiness Course. The founder's Indigo Assessment is available for download and review.DOWNLOAD

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

In partnership with Indigo and Target Training International, T.W. Lewis Foundation sponsored the development of the T.W. Lewis Self-Awareness and Career Readiness Course.

T.W. Lewis Foundation proudly facilitated its adoption as a component of a Self-Awareness & Leadership course at ASU's Barrett Honors College, the Lewis Honors College at the University of Kentucky, and the Kenan-Flagler MBA program at UNC Chapel Hill.


"The online course gave me the skills and the confidence to begin exploring my future career options. Not only do I have a better understanding of who I am, I also know how to use those strengths to my advantage in school and beyond!" -- Danielle, a university student