Generation Justice


Generation Justice defends and protects abandoned, abused and trafficked children through its pro bono legal clinic, and reforms the child protection system to prevent future injustice.


Justice Can't Wait

Generation Justice's inaugural reform package passed by a margin of 87-1 in the Arizona state legislature and was signed into law. These reforms allow judges to expedite children's court cases in instances of extreme abuse and move young children out of the system and into safe families more quickly.

Generation Justice is sharing its reform blueprints with leaders across the states and in Washington D.C. Generation Justice opened its Children's Law Clinic to protect children in real time - before they fall through the cracks - by ensuring their best interests are represented, no matter their state, family background, or income.

What We Do - Our objective is to make sure every child has full protection under the law:

  • Pass laws that protect the innocent child victims of our nation's drug epidemic.
  • Ensure justice for abandoned, abused, and trafficked children in real time, by providing legal counsel in courtrooms.
  • Establish binding legal precedents through strategic litigation.

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

T.W. Lewis Foundation established a multiyear challenge grant to help support Generation Justice and its pro bono legal advocacy clinic for children so that vulnerable children can receive faster and better outcomes that are in their best interests. Generation Justice and their pro bono attorneys will work in a way that focuses on helping families and children navigate the complex foster care system and ensure that laws are followed.


Groundbreaking legislation promoted by Generation Justice and championed by Senator Nancy Barto is Senate Bill 1473 (SB 1473). Senator Barto stated, "I'm proud to sponsor SB 1473, legislation that will help substance exposed newborns find permanent homes. I've spent my career fighting for Arizona's vulnerable populations who don't have the voice to speak for themselves. Every child deserves a safe, loving family, and this bill brings us one step closer to that ideal." SB 1473 passed the Arizona Legislature almost unanimously and was signed into law May of 2018 by Governor Doug Ducey.