Generation Justice


Generation Justice defends and protects abandoned, abused and trafficked children through its pro bono legal clinic, and reforms the child protection system to prevent future injustice.


What We Fight For Everyday

Our work is broad and far-reaching, resulting in life-changing impact. We work on a micro, macro and super-macro level, because together - these three threads bound and woven together - are the lifeline that will pull this generation up and end the violence.

  • Micro: Helping individual children in their court cases day in and day out in our Children's Law Clinic, providing emergency legal assistance and counsel to expedite their safety and passage to family.
  • Macro and Super-Macro: Changing public laws and policies to protect abandoned and abused kids. We work in our home state of Arizona to implement nonpartisan reforms, then share our work nationwide, helping local communities tailor reform to their needs.

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

T.W. Lewis Foundation established a multiyear challenge grant to help support Generation Justice and its pro bono legal advocacy clinic for children so that vulnerable children can receive faster and better outcomes that are in their best interests. Generation Justice and their pro bono attorneys will work in a way that focuses on helping families and children navigate the complex foster care system and ensure that laws are followed.

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"Out of five stars, the Generation Justice presentation on the legal rights of foster children was a SIX!" Arizona foster parent

"I don't know how to say thank you to a group of people that give so much of themselves so kids in the system have a chance at life. We are so incredibly thankful for Generation Justice. Because of Generation Justice, our baby was given a chance at a future." Anne J.