Bill of Rights Institute


The Bill of Rights Institute works to engage, educate, and empower individuals with a passion for the freedom and opportunity that exist in a free society. The Institute envisions a society where all individuals enjoy life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Their objective is to increase knowledge of the Constitution and to strengthen our nations commitment to protecting the liberties we enjoy as Americans.


What We Do

The Bill of Rights Institute develops free educational resources and programs for a network of more than 50,000 educators and 70,000 students nationwide to teach the principles, institutions and ideas upon which the United States was founded. By seeking truth and knowledge through a historical framework, students become the citizens and problem-solvers of tomorrow.

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

T. W. Lewis Foundation supports the Bill of Rights Institute with a matching grant to fund their nationwide rollout of "Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness" so that high school students across America will be able to learn about the depths and richness of our nation's history.

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"I have learned so much about individual and economic freedom. Perhaps more importantly, I learned why it is critical to maintain them. Our Constitution is a gift from our Founders that resonates with modern society far more than many may realize."
- Razi Lane, 2014 Constitutional Academy Alumni

"These materials are excellent and I believe it will make my Constitution lesson come alive. Thank you!"
- Dominic DeLuce, History Teacher, Bradley, Illinois