A community is a group of people who have come together, who work and live together, and who try to improve the standard of living and the quality of life for each other.

Our Community

Greater Phoenix now has over four million people, and it's these people that are the heart of our community. In order to be a truly thriving community we need to have healthy private organizations that define and support our way of life. These private, community organizations include our churches, museums, zoos, private gardens and other cultural institutions, as well as organizations that help to protect our environment.

We are fortunate to have such outstanding organizations in the Greater Phoenix community, and they all depend on private donations and volunteer support to survive. No one can support all of these effective organizations, but we can all do our share to engage and support a few. After all, it is our community!

These Phoenix area non-profit organizations are doing great things to make our community a better place. Please contact them directly to volunteer or to make a much needed donation.

We Support the Following Organizations

Banner MD Anderson Cancer CenterDesert Botanical GardenBarrow Neurological Institute