The Salvation Army


The Salvation Army helps those in need to overcome poverty through a variety of programs. We are breaking the cycle and changing lives for GOOD.


Our Work

The Salvation Army Phoenix Emergency Family Shelter alleviates the financial problems many struggling, lower-income working families encounter. The shelter provides families a safe and supportive environment to overcome their plight.

For up to 120 days, the shelter provides meals and basic material needs a family might have. Families work closely with a case manager to maximize their time in the shelter. Case managers empower and encourage residents to access community, mainstream and employment resources to increase household income. They promote basic financial literacy and household budgeting and also assist residents in locating permanent housing opportunities the family can maintain once they leave the shelter.
The shelter is also the home of the Mike Michaels Activity Center, designed to restore normalcy to families by providing opportunities for them to learn and heal through play.

T.W. Lewis Foundation Support

T.W. Lewis Foundation is pleased to support the Salvation Army's Emergency Family Shelter's Recovery Through Play Program and their Recreational Therapy Program. The purpose of these programs is to restore a sense of normalcy to children and families who have been exposed to a disruptive lifestyle such as homelessness or domestic violence.

T.W. Lewis Foundation will match individual gifts that meet established criteria to help meet the needs of these particular programs.

To learn more about how to donate, please CLICK HERE for details.


"Lives are changed, and miracles happen right here every day," he says. "I enjoy my life today. It's a gift... I can't do enough for The Salvation Army."

"We were very grateful to have a roof over our heads," says Jessica, a recent resident of The Salvation Army Phoenix Emergency Family Shelter. "We love the staff. They were so welcoming and made us feel so comfortable. They made us want to push forward and succeed. Being in the shelter helped us to see what we can accomplish. We never thought we would be in this situation, but once we get back on our feet, we definitely want to pay it forward."